Mark’s thoughts about art…

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From Mark: Color thrills me. It defines, outlines, fills in, sets a mood, and so much more. I sometimes just stop and think of whar a seriously sad situation it would be if I could only see in black and white. The vividness and accuracy of color has been my man joy and inspiration and Maine offers a limitless pallette of it! Lifting a page from our recent book, “Colors and Tastes of Maine” ….”How many colors can one cram into a square foot? How about a square inch? 5-20-50-100? How about unlimited? Subtle yellows/browns, greens, (50 shades) orange, burnt sienna, burnt umber, light blues, red, pink, etc. are the kaleidoscope we see through the prism of our eyes.”


A challenge for a new painting…A friend’s request for a specific type of painting has brought forth an interesting dialogue and discussion centered on the concepts surrounding the term baroque and all which that movement suggests. I realized that I could visualize what his concept looked like in my head as we exchanged ideas within the context of ‘baroque’. It forced me to dig out my Art History book (Art Through the Ages – 8th Edition by Horst dela Croix and Richard G. Tansey – The Art History Bible) and reminded myself thaqt it had so much to do with dynamic oppositions, and ambiguous imagery, combined with elaborate ornamentation that I was developing a scene in my mind immediately.

I’m planning an oil painting that will develop a cash of sky and water in such a damatically cacophonic way that as a shiop is placed within the mix one won’t be sure whether it is coming out of the sky or over the ocean’s horizon line, leading to mystery wrapped up in colors an familiar scenes from our solar system.

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